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265 60 R18 Tyres

These tyres are suited to a variety of heavier vehicles. 265 60R18 all terrain tyres have a width of 265mm and an aspect ratio of 60%. This ratio means that the height of the tyres is 60% of their width. With these tyres, 265 60R18 indicates that they are made with radial ply construction and fit wheel rims that are 18 inches in diameter. Tyres will have further characters that indicate the maximum load capacity, as well as the highest speed that they can safely reach. 265 60R18 110H tyres are rated to support 1060kg each, travelling at up to 210km/h..

265 60R18 all terrain tyres are geared toward larger vehicles such as 4WDs, utes and jeeps. There are high end vehicles that use these tyres, as well as much more affordable options.

Some models that are suitable for 265 60R18 tyres include the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, the Toyota Fortuner, the Toyota Hilux, the Toyota Landcruiser, the Ford F-150, the Ford Ranger, the Holden Colorado and the Isuzu Rodeo Sport..

265 60R18 all terrain tyres aren't the only option that might work for your vehicle. In some cases it is possible to switch them with 265 65 R18 tyres. These will be wider and decrease your breaking distance.