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Tyre Compare FAQ’s

How does Tyre Compare work?

Are the tyres shipped to my house?

No, Tyres are fitted professionally at your local tyre store.

I am not sure of my tyre size.

1. Please submit a photo of your tyres to us from the home page, we will email with the correct tyres size and option local to you.

2. Search by vehicle make flow on homepage.

Are tyres second hand ?

No, all tyres are brand new. We don’t allow retread or used tyres to be sold on Tyre compare.

Are the tyres in stock ?

Stock availability can be found on all advertising on Tyre Compare.

I have not received any quotes back, This may happen for a few reasons:

• Your tyre size may be rare.

• The request may have been submitted outside business hours.

• The specific brand requested may not be carried in your area.

“Feel free to submit another free quote request with alternate brand options you would be happy to buy.”

Tyre Pricing 

• All pricing is set by the retailer advertising, not Tyre Compare.

• All disputes regarding prices and product remain between the buyer and seller.

• Tyre Compare has no influence or control over the prices of tyres sold.

• No Commissions are paid to Tyre Compare.

For website technical issues only.

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