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10R22.5 Tyres

10R22.5 tyres have a section width of 10 inches. The section width is the measurement between each tyre wall. This is usually slightly wider than the surface that contacts the ground. The R in the code tells you that they are made with radial ply construction. The following number lets you know that these tyres are suitable for 22.5 inch rims.

Tyres have one final element at the end of their codes. This tells you both the maximum load capacity and the speed rating. Using 10R22.5 148M tyres as an example, they can carry up to 3150kg for each tyre, at speeds of up to 130km/h.

10 R22.5 tyres are built to handle the high stress that trucks and other machinery undergo. This is why they are made so sturdily. They are versatile tyres that can suit a range of different makes and models. Despite this, you should be sure to check the correct size for your vehicle beforehand. This is because there are often slight differences based on the year your vehicle was made.

Some drivers may like to use something other than 10R22.5 tyres. A wider tyre will improve the handling of your vehicle and also give it a shorter braking distance. Something narrower will give you a quieter and smoother ride.