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Recent Reviews

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Poor tyre - do not last.
I had the set of tyres that came with my 2015 Territory and in late 2018 needed a new set. I thought I would try these cheap types - they were under half the price of other tyres...... unfortunately they last 1/3 as long as the others. Do Not buy ...
vehicle image
Greg, 16 Oct 2019
2015 ford territory
pattern image
brand image
Cooper Tires A/T3
Cooper don’t believe the hype
These tyres have worn horribly, require a balance every 10000k. Give the most horrendous vibrations through the steering wheel.Road noise is out of control . Dangerous in the wet. But they are they are absolutely amazing off road, which is almost red ...
vehicle image
Dale, 08 Oct 2019
2011 Ford ranger Pk
pattern image
brand image
Cheap but not nasty
I have put different tyres on my Ranger over the past 10 years everything from Cooper At3 to dick cedeks and Huricanes . Road Cruz has so far been the best for price range and availability. I instantly felt the difference in brake power with a lot m ...
vehicle image
Andrew Gath, 23 Sep 2019
2009 Ford Ranger
pattern image
brand image
Great Value Tyres
I am a taxi/Uber driver so I go through a set of tyres every couple of months. I bought these Kinforest Tyres for Toyota Camry and they are by far the best budget/Mid-range tyres I’ve had. They have excellent handling in all weather conditions and s ...
vehicle image
Tahir, 20 Sep 2019
2017 Toyota Camry
pattern image
brand image
Michelin Pilot Sport 4
Great tyres for all round drive abilities.
Tyres are grip in the dry and wet. Can accelerate hard with out losing traction in the dry although not in the wet although even a more expensive tyres wouldn’t be able to as car makes a lot of power. Corner feels a a lot tighter and safer. Alround a ...
vehicle image
Reeve, 19 Sep 2019
2014 Ford falcon Xr6 Turbo
pattern image
brand image
Wheels tyre test
Although these tyres are new and havnt done many km. My early thoughts of these tyres are that they grip better than the Brigdestone ecopia 100. The car feels safer especially in the wet. Im not a fast driver and after alot of research bought these a ...
vehicle image
Stephen van Looy, 10 Sep 2019
2005 mitsubishi 380
pattern image
brand image
Towing 3T tandem caravan with ecu flashed bt-50
Been doing alot of towing with these tyres. Went from a 33 muddy to these tyres and what a pleasure they have been to drive with. It feels like I'm driving a normal car with little road noise and smooth roll on the tarmac , great grip when break ...
vehicle image
Mark, 02 Sep 2019
2016 mazda bt-50