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Recent Reviews

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Pirelli's going strong
Bought set of 4 from Bob Jane T-Marts in August 2017, still going strong 30+k later. Great wet & dry handling, cornering. Hard to judge noise as so dependent on road surface; quiet on smooth bitumen. Give a feeling of safe handling on variety of road ...
vehicle image
William Beattie, 18 Nov 2019
1998 Mercedes-Benz C200 W202
pattern image
brand image
Yokohama Geolandar SUV G055
Good buy - great after service
Happy with these tyres so far. I always get worried about having noisy tyres but these are great, slightly quieter than previous kumho’s. Haven’t driven that far just yet or been on freeways but for around town great so far. Had a big screw puncture ...
vehicle image
Daniel, 18 Nov 2019
2015 Mitsubishi Outlander
pattern image
brand image
Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003
Brigestones 1
Great all round tyre both in ride comfort & performance considering the size of a falcon these tyres out perform my expectations would recommend them to anyone on budget looking for a performance tyre & considers safety above all else when buying new ...
vehicle image
John costa, 18 Nov 2019
2010 Falcon Xt
pattern image
brand image
Good quality tyre
Not a bad tyre, a little noisy at times on different surfaces but all in all, not a bad tyre. Probably not the cheapest price but there's way more expensive ones out there that honestly don't have any more life compares to some cheaper options.
vehicle image
Joshua Rumballe, 13 Nov 2019
1985 Toyota Hilux
pattern image
brand image
Good Tyres at a Good price
Only travelled 2000k, nearly all on high speed good roads, and tyres performed well, both in terms of noise and grip. One emergency braking when another car came straight out of a side road in front of me, and tyres (and brakes) handled it perfectly ...
vehicle image
Morris, 13 Nov 2019
2016 Hyundai Tucson Active X
pattern image
brand image
Mickey Thompson BAJA RADIAL ATZ P3
Perfect all rounder
Better than an all terrain, I let them down to 20psi when I hit the Vic High Country and never had any issues. Mine are 305/70 R16 on 100series steel 8”x16” rims. Never had a bead pop, great in gravel, lot shale, thick red clay they let me down, bu ...
vehicle image
Crossy, 13 Nov 2019
2014 Toyota 76 series LandCruiser
pattern image
brand image
Bridgestone Turanza T001
Tried to get replacements
Tyres are good. Wear well but need to keep alignment up as uneven wear will destroy expensive tyre. Still have not received one quote.
vehicle image
Wayne, 11 Nov 2019
2014 Holden Calais