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Recent Reviews

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brand image
MAXTREK Maximus M1
Nice tires
Tyres are durable,nice grip,reliable,Goodson road,trustworthy,good in winter and summer.I reffer to use Maxtrex tyres.
vehicle image
chirayu shah, 12 Jan 2019
2014 Holden Cruse
pattern image
brand image
General Tire Grabber GT
Driving steady and regular tyre maintenance
After putting a fresh set of General GT’s on my Toyota. I started my journey to go around Australia . Towing a caravan lucky enough the van was able to fitted with the same tyres and rims which gave me two spares. After month went by I had clock up ...
vehicle image
B Patterson, 06 Jan 2019
2007 Toyota Rav4
pattern image
brand image
Cooper Tires S/T MAXX
Coopers ST Maxx
No punctures in 55K. Great grip on and off road. Hard to rip chunks off in the rocks. Quiet on the black top. Excellent performance. However, the sidewall faces de-laminate and starts to look dangerous. The raised letters start to fall off and ...
vehicle image
Malcom, 31 Dec 2018
2001 Toyota Landcruiser