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295/60R22.5 Tyres

295/60R22.5 tyres are well suited to a range of heavy vehicles. They have a section width of 295mm and an aspect ratio of 60%. The aspect ratio tells you the height of the tyre in relation to its width. The R in the code signifies that these tyres are designed with radial ply construction, while the following number indicates the diameter of the wheel rim. For 295/60 R22.5 tyres, the wheel rim diameter is 22.5 inches.

Tyres have one last aspect to their codes. It is a combination of two or three numbers and a letter, which tells you how much weight each tyre can carry, as well as the top speed that they can reach safely. For example, 295/60 R22.5 147L tyres have a maximum load capacity of 3075kg and can operate at up to 120km/h.

295/60R22.5 tyres are a great option for many larger vehicles. This is because they are built strongly to cater to the increased loads that these vehicles need to handle. A range of different makes and models can use these tyres, but you should take care to look up the correct size for your vehicle beforehand. This is important, because similar vehicles may use different-sized tyres.

There are other options that may be more suitable for your vehicle, instead of 295/60R22.5 tyres. A narrower tyre can give you a smoother ride, while a wider tyre will have a reduced braking distance.