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13R22.5 Tyres

There are a wide range of truck tyre sizes that fit many different vehicles. 13R22.5 tyres have a 13 inch section width. This is the distance between each side wall of the tyre and it is usually slightly wider than the segment that touches the ground. The R in the code tells you that these tyres feature radial ply construction, while the number that follows it is the diameter of the tyre rims that they suit. In this case, it is 22.5 inches.

Tyres have another aspect to their code at the end. This tells you how much weight they can carry, as well as the top speed at which they can travel. 13R22.5 150K tyres are a good example. These have a maximum load capacity of 3350kg and they can reach speeds of up to 110km/h.

These tyres are built sturdily to handle the intense demands that are placed on trucks and other machinery. They are suitable for many different makes and models, although you should make sure to find out the correct size for your vehicle before you purchase new 13 R22.5 tyres. This is because there can be slight differences in size, even between the same models.

There are a wide range of tyres available, so 13R22.5 tyres may not be the ideal fit for your driving situation. If you choose something wider, it will give you a shorter braking distance. A narrower tyre will help to boost your fuel economy.