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Tyre Size 245/40R19
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245 40R19 Tyres

These tyres will suit a variety of medium and larger sized vehicles. 245 40 R19 tyres have a section width of 245mm, while the 40 in the code indicates that the height of the tyre is 40% of its width. They are designed with radial ply construction and fit wheel rims that have 19 inch diameters. At the end of the code will be a combination of two numbers and a letter. This tells you the load capacity of each tyre, as well as the highest speed that they can drive at safely. A 245 40 19 106H will be able to carry 950kg per tyre at speeds of up to 210km/h.

245 40R19 tyres are suitable for a range of makes and models. Many of these are larger sedans, including performance cars, luxury vehicles and more economical options. These tyres will vary in price depending on the manufacturer and the quality.

Some of the vehicles that can use these tyres include the Audi Allroad, the BMW 5 Series, the Ford Galaxy, the Holden Caprice, the Honda Legend, the Hyundai Genesis, the Jaguar F-Type and the Kia Cadenza.

If you would prefer narrower tyres, something like the 235 45 R19 will give your car greater fuel economy than the 245 40R19.