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225 55 R17 Tyres

Some vehicles that can use 225 55R17 tyres include the Audi A4Allroad, the BMW 3-series, the Holden Malibu, the Honda CR-V, the Hyundai Tucson, the Mazda RX-8, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the Subaru Forester, the Toyota RAV4 and the Volkswagen Transporter.

Out of the wide variety of tyres, 225 55R17 is a kind that tends to be suited to a mix of medium and larger cars. They will fit many different sedans, small 4WDs, hatchbacks and wagons. The 225 55 R17 tyres price will vary depending on the manufacturer and quality. Sometimes their might be a 225 55 R17 clearance sale where you will be able to get excellent value for money.

225 55R17 tyres have a width of 225mm and an aspect ratio of 55%. This means that the height of the tyre is 55% of its width. They are made with radial ply construction and suit wheel rims that have 17 inch diameters. Tyres will have one final part of their code that indicates the maximum load capacity and the top speed that they can safely travel at. A 225 55R17 97W can carry 730kg for each tyre at speeds of up to 270km/h.

There are other tyres that might be better for your situation than the 225 55R17. A narrower tyre such as the 215 60 R17 will be better suited to wet conditions.