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Tyre Size Bridgestone POTENZA ADRENALIN RE002
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195 55 R15 Tyres

195 55 R15 tyres have a width of 195mm and an aspect ratio of 55%. This means that the tyre's height is 55% of its width. The R in its name indicates that it is made with radial ply construction. The 15 that follows it means that the tyres fit wheel rims with 15 inch diameters. Tyres have one last aspect to their code that refers to the maximum load capacity as well as the top speed that they can safely reach. A 195 55 15 85V can carry 515kg for each tyre, travelling at speeds of up to 240km/h.

These tyres tend to suit a range of medium sized cars. 195 55R15 tyres can be found on vehicles at the high end of the scale as well as on more affordable options. The price of these tyres tends to vary, depending on the manufacturer and the quality.

Vehicles that can use 195 55 R15 tyres include the Daewoo Espero, the Ford Escort, the Holden Viva, the Honda Accord, the Hyundai Accent, the Isuzu Gemini, the Kia Rio, the Mazda 323 and the Nissan Pulsar.

There are many other tyres to choose from and some may be better for your driving style. A wider tyre such as the 205 50 R15 will give you better handling and a shorter braking distance.