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Bridgestone Tyres

4.4 stars overall rating (based on 815 reviews)
76% of reviewers would buy this brand again
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Bridgestone is considered to be one of the very best tyre manufacturers in the world with an outstanding range of tyres. The company's cutting edge research and development means Bridgestone are some of the safest tyres on the market– and they invest heavily in making sure their tyres increase fuel economy too. 


How much do Bridgestones tyres cost?


Bridgestone manufactures premium quality tyres that are popular around the world - but that doesn't mean they cost the earth. 


Bridgestone prices start around $80 depending on the tyre size, speed index and load index required - of course, high-performance tyres intended for sports and supercars are more, but tyres like the Bridgestone Dueler H, the Bridgestone Dueler A and the Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 are very cost-effective. If you're looking for safety, fuel performance, and durability, Bridgestone offer an outstanding choice.


Is the range of tyres from Bridgestone worth the price?


Whether you're looking for tyres that offer outstanding comfort for your SUV - or you want a high-performance product that's trusted by supercar manufacturers around the world - Bridgestone delivers.


Although Bridgestone's price range may be slightly higher than some budget alternatives, you can be absolutely certain that you're putting tyres on your car that are backed by some of the world's most stringent safety and quality control checks.


Of course, no one wants to spend more than is necessary for tyres - but remember; it's also vitally important to consider fuel economy when you purchase tyres for your car too. With Bridgestone's range of tyres, you'll get unrivalled fuel economy.


Bridgestone tyres are specifically designed to reduce 'rolling resistance' - meaning less energy is wasted when the tyres roll against the road. The result? Better fuel economy and lower running costs - a result for your pocket and the environment


Bridgestone tyre reviews


Would you like to hear from people who trust Bridgestone tyres on their vehicle every day here in Australia?


No problem. Select a Bridgestone tyre pattern and see what other real drivers have to say about the tyres they've purchased. Find out why Bridgestone tyres hold the Readers Digest 'Most Trusted Tyre Brand' award.


More information about Bridgestone tyres:


Bridgestone is the world's number one tyre manufacturer - but it's not an accolade the company holds out of luck. The enormous amount of research and development work that goes into Bridgestone's range of tyres is second to none - and the brand is constantly pushing to improve on performance, safety and quality throughout the range.


When you buy Bridgestone tyres, you buy tyres for your vehicle from a manufacturer that has just received the coveted Readers Digest 'Most Trusted Tyre Brand' for the sixth consecutive year. What's more, the Bridgestone regularly picks up Tyre Technology awards from industry bodies and independent experts.


Bridgestone tyres are used on thousands of competition vehicles every year - and Bridgestone has hundreds of motorsport wins under their belt.


Bridgestone tyres safety and technology


Each year, Bridgestone invest over $800 million in cutting edge research and development. Around the world, Bridgestone's development teams each spend thousands of hours making sure their tyres meet the strictest global safety standards.


Bridgestone tyres Driveguard technology


If you've ever had a puncture, you'll know exactly how inconvenient and dangerous it can be. To help counter this, Bridgestone has developed high-performance 'Driveguard technology' on all Bridgestone run-flat tyres. Bridgestone Driveguard allows you to continue driving your light truck, car or vehicle for another 80km at up to 80kmh to get you home, get you to safety, or get you to a Bridgestone retailer who can help.


Bridgestone OEM tyre products


Bridgestone provides 'OEM' (original equipment manufacturer) tyres to some of the biggest and best car brands around the world. This means that Bridgestone has worked with each company to develop a tyre specifically for that car before release.


Bridgestone currently works with the following brands: Lexus, Mercedes, Porsche, Renault, Volvo, Volkswagen - and has recently become the exclusive tyre supplier for the BMW range too.


Bridgestone and the environment


In 2020, Bridgestone earned the top spot on the 2020 supplier engagement leader board by the CDP - a global non-profit organisation that runs the world's leading environmental disclosure platform.


Bridgestone is constantly working towards reducing the emissions footprint from the use of its tyres - and by 2050, the Bridgestone Corporation aims to use 100% renewable materials in every tyre the company makes.


The full Bridgestone range Bridgestone Car tyres, Bridgestone Van Tyres, Bridgestone 4x4 Tyres, Bridgestone Motorcycle Tyres, Bridgestone Light Truck Tyres


As the world's largest and most diverse tyre manufacturer, Bridgestone make tyres for an enormous variety of vehicles, including: 


Recent Bridgestone tyre reviews

pattern image
brand image
Bridgestone Potenza RE050
Very good tyre I would love to have it again can’t compare with any other tyre brands.
vehicle image
Salik, 21 Jan 2021
2017 Honda Civic Rs
Similar opinion? Write a review! Would buy this tyre again.
pattern image
brand image
Bridgestone Alenza 001
Short tread life
Perform similar to the previous tyre but half the tread life. Very disappointing from this brand.
vehicle image
Rob, 20 Jan 2021
2015 Mazda Cx5
Similar opinion? Write a review! Would buy this tyre again.
pattern image
brand image
Bridgestone Turanza T001
Honest Review - All Season Touring Tyre
Set of tyres lasted 87,000km (with regular tyre rotation every 10k and maintaining bi-weekly tyre pressure checks) They still had some life left in it , almost on the wear limiter. could have potentially got another 5k out of it but preferred to b ...
vehicle image
Dale, 06 Jan 2021
3 Honda Jazz
Similar opinion? Write a review! Would buy this tyre again.
pattern image
brand image
Bridgestone Dueler A/T D697
Amazing tyres
I have not had these tyres fitted yet, however, these will be the 6th set I have purchased of the D697 and have these exact same tyres on another Prado I own. The grip in the bush is great, noise is low and wear is 100,000 km before changing. Love th ...
vehicle image
Glenn, 06 Jan 2021
2018 Prado GXL
Similar opinion? Write a review! Would buy this tyre again.
pattern image
brand image
Bridgestone Dueler A/T D697
Tyre Review
Haven’t had them long enough yet but last Dueller HT set that came with new car got good mileage from them (65k)
vehicle image
Peter, 21 Dec 2020
2018 Holden Trailblazer
Similar opinion? Write a review! Would buy this tyre again.
pattern image
brand image
Bridgestone Bridgestone
Excellent and long-lasting tyres
Excellent and long-lasting tyres. I have used more than 35000 kilometers, still, look like new
vehicle image
Din Muhammad, 23 Nov 2020
2011 Ford Fiesta
Similar opinion? Write a review! Would buy this tyre again.
pattern image
brand image
Bridgestone Dueler H/T D687
Durable but so noisy
The tyres are super durable but it have poor grip for wet road , and so noisy when drive at highway
vehicle image
Julian Nightingale, 18 Nov 2020
2007 Nissan Elgrand E51
Similar opinion? Write a review! Would buy this tyre again.

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